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Wedding Cinema

Welcome to the world of Wedding Cinema.

Welcome to the world of exquisiteness, extravagance,

Excitement, admiration, emotions, passion and life!

We believe that a wedding is a journey of not only the person getting married but also of all those people who are attached to him or her in some way or the other and of all those who helped him/her in becoming who he or she is. It’s an overwhelming narration of the past and the sparkling light of the delightful future of the bride and the groom all packaged in a “LARGER THAN LIFE” magnified imagery extravaganza and hence needs the special “cinema style filming” filmed by not just a wedding videographer but an experienced “Wedding Cinematographer”.

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Yes, we call it wedding cinematography and not wedding videography because we believe that weddings are once in a lifetime affairs and they need the same treatment and artists as our cinema does. They need that same setup, that same passion and that same effort to produce one of its kind imagery that can be enjoyed with near and dear ones for years to come.


At WeddingSopan, we conceptualize and design our wedding films after a meticulous study of our lead characters... “The Bride & the Groom”.


Stunning cinematography, immersive sound designing, crisp editing and a professional direction give you an opportunity to experience your most precious moments again and again for years to come.

How is it all done?

We shoot using high end sophisticated equipment’s such as jibs, sliders, Ronin MX and rigs. The recordings are done on DSLRs such as 2 Canon 1DX Mark-iii. For every wedding, we have a chief cinematographer and depending on the number of guests and the scale of the wedding, several directors of photography.


After the shoot, we normally take three to four months’ time to do the editing which is again done under the supervision of our cinematographer.


Depending on your budget, you can choose from a 3-5 minute short trailer and a 20-25 minute full blown wedding cinema or just a 20-25 minute wedding film. All the output is of course in high definition.

What are the important elements of a wedding cinema?

Well, when we say that we will be making a wedding cinema, think about it as a professional movie starring you and your partner. It is entirely different from a traditional/regular wedding video which you must have seen everywhere else, covering the entire function in a three – five hour duration. It has all those important elements which a movie has, such as a song and dance sequence (if you don’t have such an event planned for your wedding then don’t worry, we are experts in organizing an impromptu sequence), interviews of the bride, groom, their parents and all important family members ( this is the most important element and you can see the videos above to find out why), pre wedding couple shoots, all the rituals and anything else you want to savour for eternity.


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